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Bernard believes expression should not be inhibited by form and reflect honestly, though enjoying a wide scope of appreciation for the many shapes the art provides, it is a personal mandate of his to increase readership for contemporary poetry by encouraging more organically formed and conversational text that reacts to and captures everyday events. He is the founder of two online sites, 'The Ink Blot' and 'The Cartier Street Review' where artists can submit their contemporary art and poetry for publication and feedback.

Bernard Alain has been published and/or featured in a few online journals recently such as the Orange Room Review, Madswirl, Pirene's Fountain, Mississippi Crow Magazine/RiverMuse Press, International Poet, The World Poets Society Electronic Catalog, Bywords, Bywords Quarterly Journal, Smoking Book and others with an upcoming publication in Wood Coin.

Friday, July 10, 2009

larry and the gang gets shit for being so vain

for the life of me
I couldn't get through
the first page of
Atlanta Nights
and I begin to wonder
... how nice can a guy get
and lordy lordy lordy
what'd we do without
sir gallahad
to save us from emancipation
save us from those critical [k]nights;
$redeem$ our most undecipherable
of thoughts in the discount aisles
of 'no return'[s]

but I guess in fairness
everyone publishes for reasons that
have to do with vanity
and it's never about the bucks
or whose paying
or who got paid
more about the fear of obscurity
the need to be heard
before the last sparkle
slips through the cracks
misses a chance to
with concrete

and we write, write
like riding a bike
we'll pop wheelies
jump curbs in no time
to cross a finish line with
sleek [k]nits and lithium goo
and when the wheels
finally go plop-plop-plop
we throw rose petals at the sir gallahads,
pointed nibs buried in mediocre submission
as a small army of could-be heros
(try to) make a last avenue
go clop-clop-clop

and we know
they'll love our artsy-blue
hearts (particularly our siblings)
know they want us to know they're
an advocate for the creatively oppressed
not too picky about the spellin, hyph
-enation ... or even content :o,
want to hermetically seal
the oozing precipice of our last faux-pas
in a book with perfect bind

all that
in exchange for one more chance
to sling fresh [st]ink
down the amazon

what a buncha nice guys

on behalf of an estranged majority
I thank you larry and the gang
(... even if you didn't really get it)

we have to send it all somewhere

Shopping Mall Playland

This is one of Don Schaeffer's most recent posters, the text is hard to read so I have typed it out for you below:

Shopping Mall Playland

even mid-winter light
is rosey and deep
in the place
where shapes
don't challenge

small globular people
roll on orbular color
under mild eyes
floating on
flowing songs.

Diane Recapitulated

Above is a poster selected from the upcoming 'The Notes of a Digital Ghost' collection by Don Schaeffer, the words on the poster are hard to read in this resolution so I have provided the text below:

Diane Recapitulated

So heavy 
when she lifts herself 
from the electric 
legs into a flesh and blood chair. 

"This damn corpus," came 
into my mind from hers. But then 
her face opened at the corners of her broad mouth, 
like a deep Irish red-head. 

And she could dance 
memories of Diane 
next door in our Pennsylvania days, 
before we found paradise.

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